Hradisko u Bosonoh

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I'm a friend of yogi. Swami Maheshwarananda has taken me in his grace, under his protection, and is a friend of my soul. I met God on earth. He gave me everything - his blessing. I'm not suffering anymore. I just sit in front of His photograph and meditate. Will I be an initiate monk? He knows that...I wish that suffering people would turn to Him and He would liberate them by the power of yoga. So far, I'm sitting alone. I visit a meditation cave in the Moravian Karst and sacred places in nature. I've been a hermit for many years. Perhaps the Spirit of God will descend into me. I practice yoga, mantra and kriya. I live vegetarian. I have been Swamijiœ disciple for 25 years. I'm in a good mood. I would also ask you to visit Swamiji at his seminar. He will guide you through the Path of Love to Liberation. Swamiji is an Indian saint who has found God and now teaches the world about His Knowledge. He has his disciples in India, Europe, America and Australia. So do not hesitate and try to tune into his holiness. I give this personal testimony: Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda is a true Yoga Master. I bow down with respect and confidence, and surrender wholeheartedly to him. Most of all, I'd like to follow him in an orange robe too. Hopefully my request will be answered. I pray that I will be his devoted disciple in each and every birth.

hermit Gyaneshwarpuri from Brno